It is about 35 years since Ernest Dawes established Scientific Glass Engineering in a tiny garage at the backyard of a house in Melbourne, Australia. Today, SGE has two modern facilities engaged in developing and manufacturing Chromatography and Analytical Products. SGE has grown substantially with 250 employees and a distribution and support network in nine countries, including worldwide distribution partners.

The SGE team is continually developing innovative ideas for products and technologies that make a difference for our customers.

SGE started solely as a syringe manufacturer, but now manufactures a vast array of products for chromatography and mass spectroscopy. SGE is an ISO accredited company. We are proud of the fact that all major instrument manufacturers in our field rely on and incorporate SGE manufactured components in their systems.

For the future we remain heavily committed to our research and development, to allow us to continue to bring innovative technologies and solutions to our valued partners in analytical science in all corners of the world.

At SGE we are conscious of the environmental impact of our operations and strongly pursue environmentally sustainable activities. Many years ago we purchased a substantial land holding in the Otway Ranges in the South Eastern part of Australia. We converted grazing land to a Eucalyptus Blue Gum plantation that is now nearing maturity. Over the time it has taken for these trees to mature we have produced many times more trees specifically for paper production than our whole organisation consumes.